2022-03-25"1001 Nights Apart " directed by Sarvnaz Alambeigi, nominated at DOK.fest München in the VFF Dokumentarfilm-Produktionspreis.

2022-02-24The Best Global Pitch goes to: BROKEN FLOWER, Directed by: Sarvnaz Alambeigi. Produced by: Rabison Art

2022-01-29Broken Flower has been selected to the Global Pitch 2022

2021-11-05DOK Leipzig: Saxon Award for Best Doc Project by a Female Director presented to Sarvnaz Alambeigi.

2020-05-11"There Between Two Worlds" recently published by: ettefagh.pub. Writer: Sarvnaz Alambeigi

2020-01-29Flight 752

2019-03-13New collection- 2018- Mixed media

2018-12-28Photography: Seifollah Samadian- 2017

2018-05-11Beautiful sunset in Dusseldorf.

2018-03-10Behind the scenes of "51" with Mehdi Azadi photographer and Sanaz Raeisi performer.


2017-10-11A new chapter in my life has started...

2017-09-10In this world, the power of imagination is much stronger than the will power.

2017-08-28Behind the scenes of the film Cypher and Lion. Photo by Joubeen Mireskandari

2017-07-05Watching the audience viewing the film Cypher and Lion at TMoCA, I had contradicting feelings.

2017-06-19Behind the scenes of the film '' Cypher and Lion '' with Behzad Hatam- photographer Homeira Yaseri

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Director: Sarvnaz Alambeigi

Producer: gallery 10.

Camera:Mohamadreza Jahanpanah-Ali Shilandari

Editing: Farahnaz Sharifi

Sound Design and Mix: Ensieh Maleki

Animation: Ramin Bahadori

Director assistant:Nasim Mirzaei

Still photo:Homeira Yaseri

Fim Type: Documentary

Country of Production: Iran 2017

Runtime:28 min

Cypher and Lion

Islam’s prohibition against idols adversely effected sculpture and kept this Iranian art in the dark for 13 centuries.
The glorious age of sculpture in Iran ended with the Arab dominance.
During this long era the only sculptor to be mentioned was Farhad the Mountain Carver and even he is buried under a halo of legends.
In 2009, a sculpture titled Persepolis was sold at a Christies’ auction for $2.84 million. It was the work of the father of modern Iranian sculpture, Parviz Tanavoli, This film takes us into the heart and mind of this great man.

Director: Sarvnaz Alambeigi

Scrip Writer: Sarvnaz Alambeigi

Voice Designer: Ensieh Maleki

Music: Pouya Pouramin

Time: 13 min

Country of Production: Iran

The Second Room


This documentary animation follows a 32-year-old woman who lived as a man until her medically authorized sex-change operation at age 25. The film examines her challenges, especially the social and psychological issues, as she enters into her new identity.

Director: Sarvnaz Alambeigi

Scrip Writer: Sarvnaz Alambeigi

Director Assistant: Asal Fatemi

Poster: Homeira Yaseri

Actors: Roya Hosseini,Peimaneh Seighalan

Trailer: Homeira Yaseri

Conversation Is a Performance Based on the Short Experimental Film" The Second Room"

Sarvnaz Alambeigi: Director/Writer/Producer

Film Type: Documentary

2017, 80 min

Farahnaz Sharifi: Editor

Ensieh Maleki: Sound Designer

Camera: Mahbod-Mahsa-Ehsan-Pedram-Reza-Khashayar-Sarvnaz

Country of Filming: Iran, Turkey

Film Language: Farsi


His biggest wish is to one day play alongside the famous DJ David Guetta. The path to his dream begins in Iran where he thinks there are many restrictions.

Director: Sarvnaz Alambeigi

Producer: Sarvnaz Alambeigi, Louise Rosen

Thomas Riedelsheimer, Stefan Tolz

DOP: Mahdi Azadi

Editor: Hamid Najafirad

Music: Masoud Sekhavatdoust

Sound Editing: Ensieh Maleki

Sound Mixing:Thomas Bastian

Sound Recording: Shahin Pourdadashi, Meysam Hasanlou, William Morris, Jarra Schrris

1001 Nights Apart

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